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British Airway's Color Changing Blankets Track Passengers' Emotions (video)

British Airways has been testing the  “happiness blanket”, a high-tech blanket that changes colors according to the passenger's emotions. The blanket has optical fibers woven into it  that can sense the brainwaves of the user with the use of neuro-sensors measuring a person’s brainwaves. It then changes color, from red to blue, to show when they are at their most relaxed and meditative to anxious. The blanket connects with a headset via Bluetooth that tracks the brainwaves. The tiny LEDs glow according to the feed it receives from the headset.

Why? “Using technology like the ‘happiness blanket’ is another way for us to investigate how our customers’ relaxation and sleep is affected by everything on board, from the amount of light in the cabin, when they eat and their position in the seat,” British Airways said in a news release.


H/T: Luxury Launches, Business Week


Next Generation Bling: Gesture Controlled Wearable Tech

Gesture controlled wearable technology may be the next "bling" we wear. This isn't your Nike Fuel Band or Fit Bit. These are accessories that you wear and depending on how you move, it can control devices in your environment. Here are a few examples.

Reemo by Playtabase: Bracelet. Pre-orders available soon. 



Nod by Nod Labs: Ring. Pre-order for $149.

HT: Design Millk


Myo by Thalmic Labs: Arm band. Pre-order for $149.


Ring by Logbar: Ring. The project was successfully funded 3X over from Kickstarter in April 2014. Goal was $250,000 actual support is $880,998. To be released July 2014.


Fin: Ring. Pre-order for $120, ships in 2015.


Trend: Lifelogging, Your Digital Footprint

Are you a lifelogger? From how many steps you take in a day to what you eat, where you are, what you are doing right now, how you are feeling, who you are with – lifeloggers document every aspect of their life. If you are an avid or even average user of Facebook, you are a lifelogger. If you Instagram your every meal, you are a lifelogger. If you check-in on Facebook or Foursquare, you are a lifelogger. If you share pictures and tag photos, you are likely a lifelogger. Do you use Google Glass? If so, you are definitely a lifelogger. 

With smartphones and wearable tech, lifelogging has become much easier. We can easily track our fitness, take a photo, post a status update and share all of this to our friends and the world. We can look back in our photo archive and see what we were doing a year ago, two years ago, even 10 years ago. We know milestone moments from Facebook, what trends we are into from Pinterest and know exactly where we had that incredible dinner last fall in Paris.

Why? We have an inherent want to document our lives. It's our story. And with social networking, we are able to share our life moments and be rewarded with engagement through likes and comments. 

Who? It's not a generational thing. It's a technological revolution thing that is happening globally and effecting everyone. 

Drivers: The tech categories that have fueled this trend is social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, instagram, Vine, Snapchat, etc), wearable tech (Fitbit, Fuelband, Google Glass, Basis, Vivo, Jawbone, etc) and apps (Sleep Cycle, My Fitness Pal, CRON-o-meter, Mint, MoneyWise, etc).

Future: Lifelogging is not losing momentum. Whether for personal documentation and productivity or to share your life with friends, lifelogging will become more seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives. It will become less about "big data" and more about quantifying our own personal stats. 

So, are you a lifelogger? How big is your digital footprint? 


Wearable Tech: SuperShoes (video) 

MIT Media Lab researcher, Dhairya Dand, has invented SmartShoes that help guide you with a tickle to the toes. Although they are called SuperShoes, they are really a pair of insoles equipped with a Bluetooth chip that communicates with your smartphone which runs an app called Shoe Central. Using your smartphone's GPS data, Shoe Central can guide you to where you want to go by sending vibrations to your feet, the tickle, to help you navigate your way to your destination. So instead of staring at your phone, you can enjoy the moment and feel for the tickle of your toes to tell you which direction to go. See how it works...



AR Contact Lenses (video)

Is this the future? Google glasses may just be the beginning. Augmented reality contact lenses may be the next wave of keeping you always on and connected to the digital world. Another step towards becoming bionic. Would you?


Sony Headphones Packed in Water Bottle (video)

Clever packaging by Sony to communicate that these MP3 headphones are completely waterproof. Yes, they are meant to be used while swimming! Check out how they did this.



Wearable Solar: Clothes That Double As Phone Chargers

We'll soon be our own charging stations with wearable solar panels that will be able to charge phones and other electronic devices. It's stylish and functional. ‘Wearable Solar’ is developed by Netherlands-based Christiaan Holland, solar energy expert Gert Jan Jongerden, and fashion designer Pauline van Dongen. When exposed to one hour of direct sunlight, the dresses can charge a smartphone of up to 50%.







Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Glass Works With Google Glasses (video)