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Pharrell Williams & G-Star Creates Jeans From Ocean Trash (video)

Are we seeing a trend here? Musicians partnering with companies to create up-cycled and re-purposed goods for the good of the environment. On Monday we just posted about and his 3-D printer that makes products from plastic bottles. And today we have Pharrell and his ocean trash denim line, G-Star Raw For The Oceans. Check it out...

RAW FOR THE OCEANS is a G-Star collaboration with Bionic Yarn, owned by Pharrell Williams, and the Vortex Project. Together we will make a sustainable collection from recycled ocean plastic.

Jun302014 & Coca-Cola Unveil 3D Printer That Makes Items From Used Bottles (video) introduces the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer. The EKOCYCLE Cube is not just another tool for making, it is a revolutionary tool for RE-making, and encourages and helps us to change the way we think about recycling by transforming post-consumer waste into new and beautiful objects.

Each machine is pre-loaded with 25 patterns, allowing you to print phone cases, bracelets, vases, bird houses, robots and shoes, just to name a few. The machine has a limited color palette though, with only the options of printing in red, black, white and natural. 

The printer is now available for purchase through 3D Systems. It is priced at USD$1,199 and will be shipped in the second half of 2014. 

H/T: Design Taxi


Coca-Cola Gives "2nd Lives" In Asia (video)

Plastic waste is a huge problem in the world today, especially in Southeast Asian countries where plastic waste has been an ongoing problem. By upcycling plastic soda bottles, we can give a second life to what would otherwise be landfill junk.

 "2nd Lives" is a great initiative started by Coca-Cola but in reality is a second life for any plastic bottle.  The set of 16 screw on sprayers, marker tips, pencil sharpeners, pumps and other useful objects that can be attached to the top of any plastic soda bottle will be distributed for free starting in Vietnam then to the rest of Asia . It would be amazing to see this rolled out globally. 




One Man's Garbage Is Another Man's Art And Inspiration

"Art is Trash (or "El Arte es Basura" as he was known in Spain) is a radical. He paints on trash. He converts refuse into things of beauty."  Francisco de Pájaro is from Spain but has traveled to London this summer for a show in the West Bank London Art all the while transforming the streets of London rubbish into fun and often quirky works of art. 

In an interview with Global Street Art, he said, “We consume a lot, and rubbish is part of that, it’s people wasting things. There’s a romantic aspect, somebody’s given it up, they don’t want it, because one little bit is broken, because they don’t want to fix it, that’s the Capitalist mindset, so I give it life, so there’s a sensitive and romantic side to the work.” 

Sources: Depajaro Blog, Societe Perrier, Design Taxi


NYC: A Beautiful Floating Dome Made Of Discarded Umbrellas

How many times have you had to abandon your umbrella during a windy, rainy day in NYC? The wind goes the opposite direction and your umbrella flips upside down as if it's catching the rain rather then doing what it's suppose to, keep you dry. The cheap umbrellas usually never make it back to it's purposeful shape and you abandon it in a nearby trash can along with the 5 others that are already in there. 

Well, husband-and-wife design team Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi of SLO Architecture, have made of the criss-crossing skeletons of 450 abandoned umbrellas in toa beautiful 24 x 18-foot floating dome that is on display as a public art installation throughout August 2013 at the inlet of Inwood Hill Park in the Bronx River. At night, light-up diodes have been placed in each of the 128 plastic bottles that help keep it afloat. 



Useful Upcycling...8-Bit Toast From A Nintendo NES Toaster

Retro-chic, throwback, geeky-cool...Yes! Artist Mathijs Sterrenburg created a toaster from his old Nintendo NES. I mean really, who's still playing Super Mario or Zelda on this thing anyway. 

Unfortunately, it's not available. He never got funded to actually produce it and I don't think he can get his hands on enough consoles. Oh and there's the problem with using Nintendo...licensing costs. Nonetheless, a cool useful upcycling of a throwback console. 




Kinkajou - Upcycle Your Glass Bottles (video)

Named after a small South American animal with big teeth, The Kinkajou is a glass "perforator" that can cut any glass bottle down to make into tumblers, drinking glasses, lamps, vases, pen holders, gifts or anything else you can imagine. The process is simple and safe. 

It started as a Kickstarter project and I'm happy to say that they have met their goal and unfortunately, most of the items are currently sold out. I'm hoping to get one soon! Here's the original Kickstarter video: