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Virtual Dressing Room Store In Japan

This micro pop-up store is just 7 meters (about 23ft) in size but you can try on a multitude of outfits and share pictures of yourself in your new virtual duds on social networks. Urban Research, a fast-growing and popular fashion, home and lifestyle retailer, launched an experiment in Tokyo’s Parco Ikebukuro  called ‘Wearable Clothing by Urban Research.

 pic: Fashion Snap

Customers to simply stand in front of one of two 60-inch screens, select clothing items they want to try on and see themselves dressed in the products within seconds. Customers’ movements are represented fluidly on the screen in 3D. Customers can also use an integrated iPad to take pictures of themselves and share them with friends on social networks or add the item to your basket and use the QR code it prints to access the brand’s online store and complete your purchase of the item.

pic: Ryutsuu

Urban Research plans to install six virtual fitting room vendors in 2014 and to have around 100 units in operation by 2020, including overseas.


H/T: BOF, Japan Trends


Scribble: Any Color Anytime From One Pen 

The Scribble Pen is the world's first color picking pen. Developed by Scribble, this innovative pen can hold over 100,000 unique colors in its internal memory and can reproduce over 16 million unique colors. It's like a point and draw box of a million colored pens with a 16bit color sensor. Genius! 


A Scribble Stylus will also be released which connects with Scribble+ mobile app bringing all the captured colors via blue tooth to the users cell phone or tablet. 

And it's pretty affordable! The Scribble Ink is $149.95 and the Scribble Stylus is $79.95. They are about to launch a Kickstarter  and offer 20% off to early orders. Great gift for designers and doodlers.

H/T: Tuvie  


A Nod To Developers And The iOS Apps That Change Our Lives (video)

This is truly an inspiring and moving tribute to developers around the world. "Developers -- and the iOS apps they create -- have changed the way we all interact, learn, entertain, work, and live. Here's a little thank you note to developers, written by people who can't live without their apps."

Apple YouTube


Next Generation Bling: Gesture Controlled Wearable Tech

Gesture controlled wearable technology may be the next "bling" we wear. This isn't your Nike Fuel Band or Fit Bit. These are accessories that you wear and depending on how you move, it can control devices in your environment. Here are a few examples.

Reemo by Playtabase: Bracelet. Pre-orders available soon. 



Nod by Nod Labs: Ring. Pre-order for $149.

HT: Design Millk


Myo by Thalmic Labs: Arm band. Pre-order for $149.


Ring by Logbar: Ring. The project was successfully funded 3X over from Kickstarter in April 2014. Goal was $250,000 actual support is $880,998. To be released July 2014.


Fin: Ring. Pre-order for $120, ships in 2015.


Chromosonic: Color Changing Fabric Responds to Sound (video)

Budapest based textile designer, Judit Eszter Karpati decided to try an experiment that would bring digital technology to textile design. She says, "My main interest in textile design is the dynamically changing surfaces, structures, integrating interactive technologies into textiles. In my works I’m looking for new ways of interaction between human and textile." Her creations can change the fashion world forever! 

Chromosonic is a fabric that can change its color based on its surroundings by using the Arduino open-source platform. The textile is first covered in silkscreen, then a special dye is applied that changes with temperature. Wires have been woven into the fabric and they heated up by sound- causing the fabric to change color. 


3D Print Everything You Need For A Trip (video)

Imagine luggage is just a code.....

Lost Luggage by Janne Kyttanen is a 3D printed Platform Bag that contains several items that would get you through the day.

The contents: : Le69 Handbag, 4 in 1 Dress, Mashup Shoes, St Tropez Cuff, Drivers, Fat Shades, Superkitch and Love Buster. Can you believe it’s printed in one operation? Incredible.


Lost Luggage was part of the exhibition  ‘Janne Kyttanen’ in Galerie VIVID in Rotterdam. 


Tech Logos Then And Now

Check out these 7 tech logos before they were iconic household names. You can definitely see a design evolution that has led to more simple designs and bolder use of color. From very intricate and busy logos with lots of wording, we have landed in 2014 with clean lines and even in some cases, loosing the name all together. 

For more on the background of these logos, check out TNW



Wearable Tech: SuperShoes (video) 

MIT Media Lab researcher, Dhairya Dand, has invented SmartShoes that help guide you with a tickle to the toes. Although they are called SuperShoes, they are really a pair of insoles equipped with a Bluetooth chip that communicates with your smartphone which runs an app called Shoe Central. Using your smartphone's GPS data, Shoe Central can guide you to where you want to go by sending vibrations to your feet, the tickle, to help you navigate your way to your destination. So instead of staring at your phone, you can enjoy the moment and feel for the tickle of your toes to tell you which direction to go. See how it works...