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British Airway's Color Changing Blankets Track Passengers' Emotions (video)

British Airways has been testing the  “happiness blanket”, a high-tech blanket that changes colors according to the passenger's emotions. The blanket has optical fibers woven into it  that can sense the brainwaves of the user with the use of neuro-sensors measuring a person’s brainwaves. It then changes color, from red to blue, to show when they are at their most relaxed and meditative to anxious. The blanket connects with a headset via Bluetooth that tracks the brainwaves. The tiny LEDs glow according to the feed it receives from the headset.

Why? “Using technology like the ‘happiness blanket’ is another way for us to investigate how our customers’ relaxation and sleep is affected by everything on board, from the amount of light in the cabin, when they eat and their position in the seat,” British Airways said in a news release.


H/T: Luxury Launches, Business Week


Neurowear - Brain Controlled Cat Tails and Cat Ears to Turntables and Bookmarking (video) 

A mind is a beautiful thing to waste...or use to control cat tails and music. 

"Neurowear" Project is a team based in Tokyo, focused on Creating "Communication for the near Future".We design prototypes of NEW products and Services based on Biological Signals Such as Brain waves, Heartbeat etc. 

Here's a look at a few of their projects...some of which have are already available at retail.

Are you cat obsessed? Did you ever want to be a cat? Or merely share some of a cat's emotional characteristics like a wagging tail or inquisitive ears? Now you can.

And how about using your brain to play music? Concentration is key to keep the tunes coming. "The “NEURO TURNTABLE” is a revolutionary concept of music player, which reads neural waves and plays music only when the user is concentrated. The music starts if the user concentrates, and automatically stops is the user starts talking to somebody or thinks about something else. "

And have you ever gone to a web page and were so intrigued by it but forgot to bookmark it? You go back to your history and search and search only to get frustrated because you couldn't really remember when or where you read that great article? Well, the current project in the works by Neurowear is a mental, brain wave controlled bookmark. Your computer will be able to tell when you are engrossed in a web page and automatically bookmark that page for you. You'll never lose a page again. 


And then why not share your mood and all your brain activity with the "neuro tagging map" app. This app allows you to geo-tag "using smartphones and neural sensors to register how people “feel” in their current place, based on biological information such as neural waves and heartbeat. neurowear believes that neuro tagging brings a new value to the places being tagged." You'll be able to connect with others or find that spot in the park where you were extremely happy or near the store where you were excited by the colors of the window display.