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Pharrell Williams & G-Star Creates Jeans From Ocean Trash (video)

Are we seeing a trend here? Musicians partnering with companies to create up-cycled and re-purposed goods for the good of the environment. On Monday we just posted about and his 3-D printer that makes products from plastic bottles. And today we have Pharrell and his ocean trash denim line, G-Star Raw For The Oceans. Check it out...

RAW FOR THE OCEANS is a G-Star collaboration with Bionic Yarn, owned by Pharrell Williams, and the Vortex Project. Together we will make a sustainable collection from recycled ocean plastic.


Welcome To The New Old School! Berlin Boombox

The Berlin Boombox is an eco-friendly, DIY, cardboard boombox that is a modern nod to the old school boombox. Designed by Berlin-based designer Axel Pfaender, he has created a fun mobile speaker for your smartphone or iPod. The sound? The speakers and amplifier are German engineered by MIVOC Pro. 

 Get one that's already designed or go wildstyle and create your own.

There's even a design contest...

And this isn't just your typical cardboard speaker, it's so modernized it comes with playlists you can download from the site and even an app from the speaker company to specifically amp up your sound when playing your tunes on the Berlin Boombox. There's 65Euro and don't worry, you can get a replacement case for 17Euro. 

Check it out here! 


Sony Headphones Packed in Water Bottle (video)

Clever packaging by Sony to communicate that these MP3 headphones are completely waterproof. Yes, they are meant to be used while swimming! Check out how they did this.



This Holiday, It's All About Music and Experiences (video)

This is an incredible holiday experiment in Chicago's Amtrak station. They placed a self playing piano that interacts in real time to the people and environment. I love all the people that actually interacted with the piano...including the angry guy. See for yourself. 

Amtrak who made this all possible:
Directed and Produced by Rob Bliss Creative:
Piano performance by Andrew Blendermann:
Producer, Director of Photography and Editor Kevin Budzynski:
Sound by Kristopher Sloboda
Camera Operator - John Boros -
Second Camera Operator - Ted Stewart -


Croatian Rocker Releases Chocolate LP (video)

"Croatian pop star Gibonni wants to widen his fan base and move outside of his native Croatia, and on top of singing in English, the singer is set to release his latest single as a special limited edition chocolate record. The song ’20th Century Man’ was mastered and cut at Abbey Road Studios in London, and will be cast in chocolate by Nadalina, a fine food company established by legendary punk rocker Marinko Biškić.

A massive star in Croatia and the Balkans, Gibonni felt that chocolate would be the right medium for his music after reading that “chocolate contains a hormone of happiness and boosts your libido,” and felt that it was “a perfect combination for the rock based on music we loved in the 1980s.”

Now that's an album I want to eat up! By the way, the record can be played 5 times, if you can wait that long, before you indulge yourself. The labels are edible too!



Brilliant Machines Rock - Robot Rock Band By GE (video)

Brilliant machines are powering brilliant machines. GE presents Compressorhead in Union Square on 11.12.13

Already a hit on YouTube, the concert will go worldwide via a livestream on Spotify, where fans are invited to contribute to a curated playlist of 40+ robotic-centric songs. Follow along with the hashtag #Brilliant Machines.

The concert is part of GE’s year-long Brilliant Machines campaign, a series about the Industrial Internet and the coalescence of software and hardware in our everyday lives. They're not the only robotic band. Tokyo's Z-Machines trio plays “social party music” and is the brainchild of a team from Tokyo University sponsored by Japanese alcoholic drink brand Zima. Still, for GE, Compressorhead serves a higher purpose.




MINI ART BEAT - Because Millennial Drivers Love Beats (video)

As part of the Not Normal campaign, MINI has unveiled a car that plays videos on the car, on the go.  MINI ART BEAT is a MINI Countryman fitted all over with 48,000 hi-res LEDs that can be customized with videos and words like a real mobile billboard. 

Fans can custom stream a short video, custom designs and music through MINI’s Facebook app, or tweeting their Vine videos with the hashtag #MINIartbeat. You can watch live action of the custom fan created cars on the Facebook page. 

This is driving via social media! Soon, traffic jams are going to be impromptu parties. MINI's will be the DJ platform. And beats and lights will pump throughout the cities. Love this campaign!


Timbre Speakers: Experiment With Sound (video)

Incredible design meets sound meets user interaction equals experiential sound phenomenon. 

By the way, this is designed by a 21 year old from New Zealand, Casey Lin