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Starbucks White Cup Contest 

“The cups are such a great canvas because you can try an abstract design and just keep adding to it,” said Briar Waterman, creative director for Starbucks digital team. “The design variations can be infinite.”

Waterman said he’s inspired by the creativity he sees throughout the Starbucks social community with cup art that’s been posted on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. People are already experimenting with different mediums, and he suggests they should “turn up the volume” on their creativity with this contest.

“The iconic white cup is our billboard,” Hanna [Starbucks director of environmental impact] said “and the reusable cup is an important component of our overall waste reduction strategy.”

Starbucks $1 reusable cup, designed to look like the company’s paper cups, debuted in January of 2013. The plastic cup is sturdier than paper, but thinner than a typical tumbler with a lifespan of about 30 uses. The cups have interior lines to denote a "tall" or "grande" size. Customers receive a dime discount for each refill in the cup, so it pays for itself after 10 uses. And, baristas will clean the reusable cups for customers with a boiling-water rinse before each refill.

Here's a look at some of the nearly 4,000 entries. See the Pinterest page for more. 

On June 23 they announced the winner of the contest. Brita Lynn Thompson, a 20-year-old community college student in Pittsburgh is getting noticed for her doodling as the winner of the Starbucks White Cup Contest. Brita’s winning design will be available this fall on a limited edition Starbucks reusable plastic cup. Here's her design. 



Japan's Ikea Monorail Takeover

Ever wonder what Ikea products would look like outside of the home or office? How about in a monorail car? To mark the opening of a new Ikea near Tokyo's Tachikawa Station, the Tama Monorail Line was decorated with Ikea furnishings and renamed the "Ikea Party Train". For two days, passengers were treated to food and drinks amidst the color crazed home furnishing takeover. 

You could almost imagine you were in your own living room; well, if your preference in interior design is for lots of colors and lots of patterns. Nonetheless, what an unexpected treat for riders this week.



Living Off The Wall: An Authentic Look At Real Vans Fans (video)

It doesn't get more real than this for millennials and gen-x! This is such a great documentary and cultural study of the young and young minded people today. It's not a brand or product push, it's a real look at the consumers that define the brand. 

"From the same brand heritage that brought you Dogtown and Z-Boys, No Room for Rockstars, and Bones Brigade comes Vans' first-ever documentary series."

Subscribe at and follow the #livingoffthewall hashtag on social media for updates.


Valentine's Day Consumers

Did you know...

- Americans overwhelmingly prefer chocolate instead of flowers (69 vs. 31 percent) on Valentine’s Day

- caramel is the most popular flavor in a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates 

- Total U.S. confectionary sales for Valentine’s Day 2014 are projected to be $1.057 billion.  

- Chocolate makes up around 75 percent of candy sales at Valentine’s Day.

- 22% of Americans are buying more of what’s on sale while 16% are buying more high-end or specialty seasonal products and packages.


Happy Valentine's Day! 




Year Of The Horse Weighs In At Retail

Today marks the Chinese New Year, The Year of the Horse. And marketers are the first to react to such an occasion. Here's a look at a few brands putting the horse on their mark. And this is just a very, very brief selection.

Diane von Furstenberg






Jaquet Droz

Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi Horse

Vacheron Constantin - Legend of the Zodiac

Lucky Red Envelopes

Used to celebrate and bring in the new year with good fortune, money and prosperity throughout the year. 

A photo from Vogue China editor Angelica Cheung’s Sina Weibo account of luxury brands’ special red envelopes for Chinese New Year. (Sina Weibo/Angelica Cheung) source

Vivienne Westwood's Horse Pendant


Carolina Herrera




Ermenegildo Zegna

Moleskin and Shanghai Tang

Rolls-Royce Majestic Horse Collection


Dupé, Pop-Up Shop Sells Bottled Organic Air and Moonlight (video)

At  ‘Dupé’, “All our products are untouched by man and captured straight from the source. When you choose Dupé, you’re choosing the most fresh and organic money can buy.” Would you buy bottles organic air or a jar of positive thoughts? Or rather, are you buying this clever marketing gimmick? 

This is actually a marketing gimmick from Australian water-supplying company Yarra Valley Water.  The products and pop-up shop shows how ridiculous buying bottled water is, by comparing it to purchasing other natural resources that are freely available—encouraging patrons to use and drink tap water instead. 

According to the company in the video description: “You can get 6,000 glasses of tap water for the same cost as a bottle of water.” 



Pink "Carstache" - Clever Branding or Marketing Gimmick?  

Have you heard of the pink "carstache"? If you are in the few cities that Lyft operates in you may have even seen the pink "carstache". Lyft, a ride sharing start-up opted for an all out, be bold, be weird, get noticed approach to launching their venture. Co-founders John Zimmer and Logan Green wanted something that people would instantly recognize and what they came up with is the pink "carstache". Surprisingly, Lyft's pink "carstache" started as a marketing gimmick but has become branding genius. 

Lyft gives drivers the big pink "carstache" to help identify their cars. -- Today, Lyft is the most recognized ride sharing service in the transportation industry. Lyft says it arranges about 30,000 rides a week.

And for those party cars, there's the DiscoLyft, a vehicle that has an LED mustache to go with the driver's party-themed car. Driver's who have joined Lyft have gotten so into the branding that some even adorn a pink moustache when they drive. It's become a kind of cult branding for Lyft drivers and riders. 

And their competition, Uber is fighting back...only in Seattle so far. But the pink "carstache" branding has become so iconic, Uber is using it against them. 


SodaStream Following The iPhone C Strategy

We've all heard the big news and some of us might even have our hands on the new iPhone 5S or more readily available iPhone 5C, the more affordable and colorful iPhone 5. 

And now there's the introduction of SodaStream's new more affordable and colorful collection, Play, touted as the "Easiest, and most playful machine ever"

PLAY is the result of a partnership between SodaStream and Yves Behar's fuseproject.

"We think PLAY is a fun expression of all the different ways water and soda can be carbonated. Behind it’s bright colors, minimal geometry and affordable price, PLAY offers inside and outside innovation."

Is this the new business model? Start at the top, position yourself as the best of the best with one or two color options, usually in the black, white or silver range, then redesign a a more playful, colorful and affordable model.

Why does more affordable always have to be more colorful? Color can be luxurious too. It will be interesting to see what other brands follow suite. Stay tuned as we keep up with the C business model.