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What Does Flavor Look And Feel Like? (video)

In an attempt to show how Schwartz Flavour Shots, a new product launch, actually feels and tastes, director Chris Cairns composed The Sound of Taste. This is a what he describes as a kinetic installation or a ‘Sonic Flavourscape’. It's incredibly moving and effective in showing all the herbs and spices that are used in the product. 

How was this done?

The Sound of Taste from Grey London on Vimeo.

The making of 'The Sound of Taste' from Grey London on Vimeo.





Flutter App - Using Hand Gestures To Control Your Computer

This is like XBox Kinect meets your computer. With a little wave of your hand you can turn things on and off, a thumb to the right or to the left can change apps and another wave can start your Spotify playlist or Pandora, or iTunes, or Google get the point. 

There's no component to buy, you just download the app and start waving. Amazing!

Pretty soon, remote-controls, the mouse, and even the keyboard may become obsolete. 


Kinetic Rain, Another Reason To Go To Thailand...(video)

At Thailand's Changi airport, there is an incredible installation of kinetic raindrops. Beautifully mesmerizing! 

"Kinetic Rain" Singapore Airport from ART+COM on Vimeo.


Moment Factory: Creates Musical Wall for Children's Hospital (video)

Montreal based, Moment Factory, literally create "moments" that are unique and unforgettable! The following video is a musical wall created for one of the waiting rooms at Montreal’s CHU Ste-Justine Hospital. Hopsitals suck and are definitely not on the lists of places to want to visit, but if I were in Montreal, I just might have to stop by and check this out. And definitely check out their vimeo site for more amazing interactive work they have created. 

Ste Justine musical wall from Moment Factory on Vimeo.


When Simplicity Just Won't Do...A Fascination With Rube Goldberg (video)

Growing up, you have probably played games like Mousetrap or stacked playing cards to create domino effects – this all stems from Rube Goldberg. Rube Goldberg (1883-1970)  was a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, sculptor from San Francisco. He had a fascination with inventing strategic creations with everyday items, to make simple tasks extraordinarily complicated yet entertaining to watch. Rube never built his creations, they were always in the form of a comic strip; however, he has inspired people of all ages, engineers, inventors, creators and adventurers to build out these wild creations.  

Here's an original Rube Goldberg comic, Mousetrap. The comical aspect is credited to the complexity of his wild imagination.

His influence has reached around the world. There are several official Rube Goldberg contests each year. These Rube Goldberg creations definitely give you the hold you breathe and see what happens kind of feeling...and when they work, you gasp with excitement.  One of our favorites is from Joseph Herscher, known as a "kinetic artist". Joseph has become quite a cult celebrity, in Brooklyn and in the Rube world, concocting and creating his many Rube Goldberg inventions. Take a look at his page turner...

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