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What Does Flavor Look And Feel Like? (video)

In an attempt to show how Schwartz Flavour Shots, a new product launch, actually feels and tastes, director Chris Cairns composed The Sound of Taste. This is a what he describes as a kinetic installation or a ‘Sonic Flavourscape’. It's incredibly moving and effective in showing all the herbs and spices that are used in the product. 

How was this done?

The Sound of Taste from Grey London on Vimeo.

The making of 'The Sound of Taste' from Grey London on Vimeo.





Scented Cocktails Inspired By Perfumes

That might not sound too appetizing as a libation...sipping Chanel No.5 doesn't sound so delicious. However,today, June 12th 2014, The Ritz-Carlton Berlin will officially open Fragrances, an all new mixology/olfactory experience where patrons use their sense of smell to select their drink of choice. After all, our senses do work together and ultimately effects the choices we make.


The drinks’ ingredients are placed in glass domes next to the perfumes to give customers a sense of what they’ll be consuming, a visual menu of sorts. Designed and implemented by mixologist slash perfume expert Henning Heissen, the menu has drinks such as Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo with Jasmine and Rose infused Tanqueray 10 or Zacapa spiked Oud Royal by Armani, Angelique Noire by Guerlain created with Jasmine, Angelica Root, Bergamot, Vanilla, Zacapa XO and Champagne.

Choose carefully carefully because the drink will 1) also smell like that perfume and 2) reflect that smell in its taste. And here's the kind of wacky part – each drink is served in a unique way, from glasses in buckets and birdhouses to those that resemble baby bottles.

H/T: Luxury Launches, PSFK


Edible Mist Machine By The Modern Day Willy Wonka (video)

Charlie Harry Francis is like a modern day Willy Wonka with "the wonderful world of delicious edible inventions" at Lick Me I'm Delicious. He has made a machine that lets us eat mist that tastes of apple pie, smoked bacon, cotton candy, and chocolate. Using ultrasonic vapourisation, the machine creates a micromist of flavour that you suck up through a straw. The “Edible Mist Machine” can produce up to 200 flavors, and will let us taste these foods without consuming the calories. I'm pretty sure it will induce cravings rather than satiate an appetite. 

It's a great way for stores and restaurants to stimulate your senses – or as a memorable experience at a party.


H/T: Food Beast


Starbucks Japan Offers Unique Flavors

Only at Starbucks Japan can you find these limited edition drinks that are layered with unique flavors. What makes Starbucks Japan interesting is the pace at which they are able to create and bring to market these new and often unexpected flavors. Some of these very limited flavors are available for just one month. This is just a sampling of what was released in 2013 and 2014. To see more, check out their Japanese website (it can automatically be translated in Google Chrome). 

Sakura for Springtime

Cherry chocolate latte with strawberry flavor topping, cherry blossom petals, strawberry candy and strawberry flavored whipped cream.







Chocolate Pretzels Mocha

Sweet chocolate, pretzels with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, chocolate syrup, espresso, and steamed milk.








White Tiramisu Frappuccino

Bittersweet coffee flavor with flaky black biscuits and white chocolate brownie, finished with cocoa powder and cheese mousse cream.








Chunky Cookies Frappuccino

Almond and chocolate chunk cookie mixed with a Frappucino giving it a slightly crunchy texture. 






Fresh Banana & Chocolate or Caramel Cream Frappuccino

A whole banana is blended into the Chocolate or Caramel Cream Frappuccino. 


Häagen-Dazs Introduces Vegetable Ice Cream 

Häagen-Dazs Japan is introducing two new vegetable flavored ice creams on May 12 called the “Spoon Vege” series. The flavors are “Tomato Cherry” and “Carrot Orange”.

We know Japan has a slight obsession with unique flavors which in turn influences big brands to be adventurous - just browse the array of wacky Japanese snack flavors on Pinterest. So it really doesn't come as a big surprise that Häagen-Dazs is only releasing these veggie flavors in Japan. 

According to the press release (translated in part)

"The “Tomato Cherry” combines the natural sweetness of tomato with the fruity flavor of cherry, which should accentuate the rich taste of the tomato."

"The “Carrot Orange” takes the gentle flavor of carrot and adds to it the fresh citrus taste and scent of orange, giving the carrot a sophisticated and refreshing twist."

There was even a week-long Facebook campaign that slowly revealed these new "secret" flavors. 

So does this make indulging a little healthier? By the looks of it, it should. But coming from Häagen-Dazs, I'm sure it's as rich and indulgent in every bite as their other sumptuous flavors. If it catches on, maybe we'll be seeing this in the US soon. 


Halloween Flavors...Pumpkin, Candy Corn, Caramel Apple

Trick or Treat! It's that time of year...Halloween is just around the corner and with it comes limited edition and seasonal flavors from some of our favorite brands. Take a look at some of this year's flavors, colors and shapes. 




Oddly Delicious and Intriguing Scents

Smell is an incredible sense that can conjure up memories, inspire new ideas, and re-imagine places and times. Here's a look at some of the more oddly delicious and intriguing scents on the market. 

Demeter: Play-Doh

Demeter has bottled that fresh, just-out-of-the-can, eau de PLAY-DOH aroma as part of a year-long celebration of the beloved modeling compound's 50th birthday. The 1-ounce, spray bottle fragrance is meant for highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood.




Demeter: Tootsie Roll

A luscious and delectable combination of fudge, caramel, chocolate and vanilla that brings back childhood memories of simple and easy pleasures.








Pork Barrell Barbeque: Que

Que, an intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat, and sweet summer sweat, is the latest development in wearable scents and is quickly becoming a hit among meat lovers, grill masters, and backyard BBQ’ers.



Fargginay: Bacon Gold

bacōn Gold is designed for women & men.  A common question, does this fragrance really smell like bacon?  The answer is yes & no.  Our Gold formula offers a memorable sizzling citrus aroma with an ever so slight hint of bacon and the fun… is in finding it.  This artisanal Gold formula is lovingly crafted with a pure essential oil blend of mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, nutmeg, pimento berry, black pepper & a touch of sweet, a smidgen of savory, and one pinch of Bacon salty goodness.  What are you waiting for? 


Essensu: Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Deluxe is a delicious scent! It's playful, evoking childhood memories of carefree days, and summer fun, surrounded by friends and laughter. Cotton Candy is more than just pink fluff, it has vanilla notes mixed with hints of cherry. A very realistic rendition. A delightful blend which is neither too sweet, nor too strong. It's appealing to all ages and those with a youthful flair! I myself can't stop smelling it when I'm working with it. Favored by teens and adults alike. If you enjoy foody type scents, this may be one you'll enjoy.



Ajna Oils: Tamal

(Tamale Scented) Tamal formula made by master parfumeur Zorayda Ortiz. Made with 100 % pure therapeutic grad essential oils, guaranteed lead free aruvedic herbs inside product, and quality perfume grade oils.




Geek Chic Solid Scents: Frisky Pirate, Vengeance, Witch Of The Wild

Frisky Pirate: "I win because I cheat, Kitten. I thought that was obvious."

  • Crisp aquatic notes swirled with fresh water lotus, mint, and Tahitian vanilla.
  • Ripples of sweet liquor.
  • Wrapped in leather, smoke, and gunpowder.
  • Unisex (more aquatic & fresh than flowery).

Vengeance: "Since when is Justice happy? Justice is righteous. Justice is hard."

  • A melange of amber, sandalwood, vanilla, and cedarwood.
  • Mixed with dried scrying herbs and divination spices.
  • Smattering of tea leaves, crushed mint, and a pop of sparkling aldehyde and earthy fig.
  • Unisex, but leans toward male.

Witch of the Wilds: "We have a dog... and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party."

  • Scrying herbs, ritual spices, fresh greens, oakmoss, patchouli, and sandalwood.
  • Tempered with exotic mint and sweet vanilla.
  • Earthy and herbal without being spicy.
  • Unisex, but leans toward female.


Although seemingly gimmicky, are you intrigued? These are all real scents available in the market. If you could create a signature scent, what would your's smell and/or taste like? And no, bacon is not an acceptable answer...there's way too many bacon scented products already. Aren't we sick of bacon yet?


Hot Pockets - 30 Years Of Keeping It Hot With Millennials (video)

Happy 30th Birthday Hot PocketsIt's no longer about late night drunk food. Hot Pockets is turning 30 with some new branding, new "artisanal" flavors, new copy, advertising and the use of Jeff Mauro, the host of Food Network's "Sandwich King" as their spokesman, and of course humor with all the comedic roasting it's gotten along the way from the likes of Snoop Dog (Snoop Lion). 

"Most millennials, including men, now consider themselves to be “foodies,” Nestlé found, and they are focused on food quality and health." So has all the effort to keep Hot Pockets hot with millennials working? 3 out of 5 in a blind taste test seem to like the new flavors. 

Will Hot Pockets be on [Fast Company's] next year's list of Most Innovative Companies

Pocket It Like It's Hot!