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How The Design Of The US Flag Has Evolved Over The Years

Happy 4th Of July! Here's a look at how the design of the US flag has evolved since 1767.

source: Fast Co


Products We Love Right Now (summer edition)

Sometimes we come across a heap of unique things that go straight on to the wish list. One thing they have in common, great design! And you'll kind of notice a summer theme going on. Here's a brief roundup of some of the things we like right now. 

Vertty: It's beach season! And to keep our design aesthetic everywhere we go, we love these stylish beach towels. These oversized geometric shaped, bright color blocked towels redefine style and function. They are handmade using a lightweight fast drying fabric. Each one also has a waterproof pocket. $89.90

Fatboy: Whether you are at the beach or a want to sprawl out on the lawn for a picnic, we love this oversized, weather resistant picnic lounge. Inspired by classic kilims, this is bringing what is traditionally a style for the home outdoors. it also comes with a dust brush and four pins so your blanket doesn't fly away. $249.00

Zoobells:  You may have seen the rise in kettlebells at the gym. They are kind of all the rage in strength and core training, especially for swimsuit season. These Zoobells are made to inspire you to push yourself for a few more sets and to "swing on the wild side". The lion is 54lbs and $134.99.  The wolf is 35lbs and $109.99. 

Samsung Smart Bike: Just watch the video. Need we say more?

Samsung Smart Bike from Samsung Maestros Academy on Vimeo.

Liquid Image:  Time to hit the water and share those pics and video on Facebook and Instagram. The 324 & 325 Wide Angle Scuba Series is a dive mask that makes underwater photography hands free for safer swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Photograph or video friends, family or fish up to 130ft/40m deep. $299.99

Lotus Belle Tent: Glamping! It's so cool I would have it up all the time in the backyard. $1750 - $2250

Jag Table Grill: Summer wouldn't be complete without the ultimate BBQ. But you know how picky some eaters can be, so let each person grill their own. 

We could go on but I think these are a good start to get you inspired for summer.

P.S. summer officially start Sat June 21!  



Logo Design Style Swap

Writer, Jenna Giles , experimented with logo swapping for a recent article. She Focused on famous luxury fashion brands and deliberately swapped them with companies that could not be more different.


This logo design swap study proves that design, typography and color play an integral role in branding.  When swapped, these logos loose their identity - the look, tone and feel are all amiss to the brands they represent. How would your logo stand up in a swap?



Mountain Dew Wants Skaters To Do The Dew

You think Mountain Dew wants to target skateboarders? Um, well, yeah! See the new bottle top they have created specifically with skaters in mind. It's totally rad!  After a gnarly fall and smashing your board, a cold soda with a tool in the cap can help you get on the mend. It's touted as "the first soda that is also a tool." Is this enough reason for skaters to "do the Dew"?

Mountain Dew - Dew Bottle Tool from Mr. White on Vimeo.


Brandalism: The Influence of Graffiti in Fashion

Portland based design, Antonio Brasko, has created a unique project called Brandalism. Brandalism is a study on the influence of street art and graffiti in the fashion world. Through the use of brand marks, iconic colors, and spray cans, Brandalism seeks to reintroduce the ideology of vandalism, branding and fashion from an experimental design perspective. These are available as photographic prints on canvas or limited edition, signed spray cans. 

To see the whole collection, please visit The Seventh Letter


The Happy Show Video Series Limited Edition Ceramic USB

Bill Rodgers of C-file reports that "The Happy Show was a 2012 traveling exhibition by the New York design firm Sagmeister & Walsh. Spearheaded by Stefan Sagmeister, the show premiered at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Philadelphia in August 2012 (and has since traveled through Los Angeles, Toronto and New York). In addition to being a personal narrative of Sagmeister’s quest for happiness through meditation, therapy and pharmaceuticals, The Happy Show also looked at happiness through social data with factors such as age, gender, race and money. 

Video was also a feature of that exhibition. Three of those films are now available in a limited series of boxed USB drives. Each box was written on by Sagmeister; they bear individualized therapeutic reminders to be present, flexible and to ask for what you want. The USB drives themselves are made of ceramic and resemble horns, or tentacles or worm specimens." 

Each one is limited to editions of 10.


The Emotional Power Of Logos


Starbucks: Upside Down and Always Full

This is not 3 cups of Starbucks coffee. It's actually 3 mugs designed by Japanese firm Nendo for Starbucks - upside down. The printed bottom is reflective of the coffee company’s view of feeling ‘fulfilled, and seeing the glass as half-full, never half-empty’.  The mugs come in 3 design flavors: mug americano, mug latte and mug caramel macchiato. 

When the mugs are drying or stored upside down, they always appear full – a visual reminder to always have a positive mental attitude.

The mug collection is being sold at Starbucks Japan shops starting March 2014.