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Jun302014 & Coca-Cola Unveil 3D Printer That Makes Items From Used Bottles (video) introduces the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer. The EKOCYCLE Cube is not just another tool for making, it is a revolutionary tool for RE-making, and encourages and helps us to change the way we think about recycling by transforming post-consumer waste into new and beautiful objects.

Each machine is pre-loaded with 25 patterns, allowing you to print phone cases, bracelets, vases, bird houses, robots and shoes, just to name a few. The machine has a limited color palette though, with only the options of printing in red, black, white and natural. 

The printer is now available for purchase through 3D Systems. It is priced at USD$1,199 and will be shipped in the second half of 2014. 

H/T: Design Taxi


Coca-Cola Gives "2nd Lives" In Asia (video)

Plastic waste is a huge problem in the world today, especially in Southeast Asian countries where plastic waste has been an ongoing problem. By upcycling plastic soda bottles, we can give a second life to what would otherwise be landfill junk.

 "2nd Lives" is a great initiative started by Coca-Cola but in reality is a second life for any plastic bottle.  The set of 16 screw on sprayers, marker tips, pencil sharpeners, pumps and other useful objects that can be attached to the top of any plastic soda bottle will be distributed for free starting in Vietnam then to the rest of Asia . It would be amazing to see this rolled out globally. 




Does The Design Of The Glass Make It Taste Better?


Ah the myriad of barware available! What specific drink glass goes with each wine, cocktail, aperitif, liquor, liqueur? Each glass is meant to enhance the unique characteristics of each beverage. Aroma, flavor, texture, pour...all characteristics add to or detract from potential enjoyment. 

Now, Coca-Cola is joining the glass game. Coca-Cola believes the glass you drink from matters. Coca-Cola partnered with Austrian wine glassmaker Riedel to create a glass that is meant to make its soda taste ideal. 

Last April a panel of taste-testers from Coca-Cola, as well as wine and beer taste experts, were involved in a sensory workshop held in Atlanta. They quaffed their Coca-Cola from 18 different Riedel prototype glasses. This final shape and style claims to “capture the distinct spices, aroma, and taste of Coca-Cola”, according to its description on Riedel’s website. 

This is Riedel's first glass for a non-alcoholic beverage. 

Are you ready for your own taste test? The ‘Coca-Cola + Riedel’ glass is available as a single glass or a set of two, and can be purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond and at the Coca-Cola store.