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Virtual Dressing Room Store In Japan

This micro pop-up store is just 7 meters (about 23ft) in size but you can try on a multitude of outfits and share pictures of yourself in your new virtual duds on social networks. Urban Research, a fast-growing and popular fashion, home and lifestyle retailer, launched an experiment in Tokyo’s Parco Ikebukuro  called ‘Wearable Clothing by Urban Research.

 pic: Fashion Snap

Customers to simply stand in front of one of two 60-inch screens, select clothing items they want to try on and see themselves dressed in the products within seconds. Customers’ movements are represented fluidly on the screen in 3D. Customers can also use an integrated iPad to take pictures of themselves and share them with friends on social networks or add the item to your basket and use the QR code it prints to access the brand’s online store and complete your purchase of the item.

pic: Ryutsuu

Urban Research plans to install six virtual fitting room vendors in 2014 and to have around 100 units in operation by 2020, including overseas.


H/T: BOF, Japan Trends


AR Contact Lenses (video)

Is this the future? Google glasses may just be the beginning. Augmented reality contact lenses may be the next wave of keeping you always on and connected to the digital world. Another step towards becoming bionic. Would you?


IKEA's New AR Catalog - See 90 Products In Your Home Direct From The Catalogue (video)

Few augmented reality campaigns have really been successful. Most are laden with glitches. However, for IKEA, this looks and seems to work quite well.  I can't wait to get my hands on the catalogue and download the app! 

The new app will be avilable at the Apple App Store and Google Play on August 25th, 2013. Customers to can try out 90 products for size (and shape and colour and positioning) in their own homes or offices before buying the product.

"The 2014 IKEA catalogue gives you the ability to place virtual furniture in your own home with the help of augmented reality. Unlock the feature by scanning selected pages in the 2014 printed IKEA catalogue with the IKEA catalogue application (available for iOS and Android) or by browsing the pages in the digital 2014 IKEA catalogue on your smartphone or tablet. Then simply place the printed IKEA catalogue where you want to put the furniture in your room, choose a product from a selection of the IKEA range and see how it will look in your home!"



Augmented Reality Shows Assembled Toy In-Store Before Purchase

Going through Facebook, I encountered a post by my cousin in Tokyo. This was too cool not to share here on the Blips. At Harajuku Kiddy Land, there is an AR screen where you can hold up any boxed toy in the area and the screen shows you what the completed toy looks like when assembled. 

This is one of the few examples I've seen of a successful integration of augmented reality into real-time, easy to use, product enhancement. We've seen it tried a thousand times before by big companies and they always seem to harness lots of excitement and hype, but it usually doesn't deliver. This is actually easy and produces instant gratification. 

This would be great in a variety of retail stores. How many times have you seen damaged packages by people opening the box to check see what's inside and then deciding not to take the one they have already opened and grab a fresh one...or abandon the product totally?

By the way, one of the comments on this post says that Lego also uses this technology in their store. I'm not sure if it is at Lego stores here in the US or in Japan.