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Piece Of Cake - Delicious Still Life Typography

We love when food and design are integrated in unique ways. Moscow-based designer and art director Luda Galchenko has created letters that correspond to the name of her website, “Piece of Cake”, with yummy-looking food. Each letter is carefully crafted with saliva inducing treats and photographed to create the spelling of her site. 
She describes the project as: "Piece of Cake Still Font is a self initiated typographic project that explores the connections between type and still life."


H/T: Design Taxi


Starbucks White Cup Contest 

“The cups are such a great canvas because you can try an abstract design and just keep adding to it,” said Briar Waterman, creative director for Starbucks digital team. “The design variations can be infinite.”

Waterman said he’s inspired by the creativity he sees throughout the Starbucks social community with cup art that’s been posted on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. People are already experimenting with different mediums, and he suggests they should “turn up the volume” on their creativity with this contest.

“The iconic white cup is our billboard,” Hanna [Starbucks director of environmental impact] said “and the reusable cup is an important component of our overall waste reduction strategy.”

Starbucks $1 reusable cup, designed to look like the company’s paper cups, debuted in January of 2013. The plastic cup is sturdier than paper, but thinner than a typical tumbler with a lifespan of about 30 uses. The cups have interior lines to denote a "tall" or "grande" size. Customers receive a dime discount for each refill in the cup, so it pays for itself after 10 uses. And, baristas will clean the reusable cups for customers with a boiling-water rinse before each refill.

Here's a look at some of the nearly 4,000 entries. See the Pinterest page for more. 

On June 23 they announced the winner of the contest. Brita Lynn Thompson, a 20-year-old community college student in Pittsburgh is getting noticed for her doodling as the winner of the Starbucks White Cup Contest. Brita’s winning design will be available this fall on a limited edition Starbucks reusable plastic cup. Here's her design. 



What Does Flavor Look And Feel Like? (video)

In an attempt to show how Schwartz Flavour Shots, a new product launch, actually feels and tastes, director Chris Cairns composed The Sound of Taste. This is a what he describes as a kinetic installation or a ‘Sonic Flavourscape’. It's incredibly moving and effective in showing all the herbs and spices that are used in the product. 

How was this done?

The Sound of Taste from Grey London on Vimeo.

The making of 'The Sound of Taste' from Grey London on Vimeo.





Edible Mist Machine By The Modern Day Willy Wonka (video)

Charlie Harry Francis is like a modern day Willy Wonka with "the wonderful world of delicious edible inventions" at Lick Me I'm Delicious. He has made a machine that lets us eat mist that tastes of apple pie, smoked bacon, cotton candy, and chocolate. Using ultrasonic vapourisation, the machine creates a micromist of flavour that you suck up through a straw. The “Edible Mist Machine” can produce up to 200 flavors, and will let us taste these foods without consuming the calories. I'm pretty sure it will induce cravings rather than satiate an appetite. 

It's a great way for stores and restaurants to stimulate your senses – or as a memorable experience at a party.


H/T: Food Beast


The Bible of BBQ (video)

This is incredible! The book is a guide to the perfect BBQ. Each page is constructed as a useable step-by-step guide.  

Barbecue is a Brazilian passion, and Tramontina is the leader brand of kitchen supplies in Brazil. It has the most complete line of barbecue accessories. But the brand needed to prove just how seriously they took barbecuing in order to gain the respect and loyalty of their most important clients: barbecue restaurant owners. We developed a limited edition book: "The Bible of BBQ". This book shows Tramontina's vision of how to make a perfect barbecue. Literally. Each page of the book was made to be used in a real barbecue. For instance: a page that you can actually use to sharpen your knife; a page (made entirely of salt) to salt your meat, a page printed on coal and a inflammable page to start the fire. (source)

Tramontina - The Bible of BBQ from Patrick Matzenbacher on Vimeo.


Gastrotypographicalassemblage (video)

What is Gastrotypographicalassemblage? It is literally a 35 foot-long, 3D typographic mural that spells out food related words. 

From 1966 to 1989, Gastrotypographicalassemblage was on display in the staff dining room at CBS Network headquarters in the legendary Black Rock building in Manhattan. But, for the last 25 years one of the world's largest modern typographic artworks has been hidden away in a basement on Long Island. Thanks to a long-standing member of the Board of Trustees at The Culinary Institute of America it has a second life now. It is now on display for the first time in a quarter of a century at the CIA. "Gastrotypographicalassemblage" is a focal point of The Culinary Institute of America's new Marriott Pavilion and Conference Center in Hyde Park, NY. 



Edible Masterpieces 

In a clever effort to fundraise for UK museums and galleries, Art Fund has created a campaign that encourages art and food lovers to create literally, "Edible Masterpieces" and host parties to create, share and fundraise for the love of art. Check out some of the recipes they provide. Pretty impressive if you can pull it off. 

In my case, this would look like Epic Pinterest Fails.


Cookie Mail - One Delicious Letter At A Time


How can we keep the US Postal Service alive? Do innovative and creative things like Japan. In Japan you can send Cookie Mail. Your message is literally printed onto 35 to 70 little cookies, a letter per cookie. 


The cookies even come in 3 flavors!

Makes such a great gift! Now we just need one in the US.