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Jun302014 & Coca-Cola Unveil 3D Printer That Makes Items From Used Bottles (video) introduces the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printer. The EKOCYCLE Cube is not just another tool for making, it is a revolutionary tool for RE-making, and encourages and helps us to change the way we think about recycling by transforming post-consumer waste into new and beautiful objects.

Each machine is pre-loaded with 25 patterns, allowing you to print phone cases, bracelets, vases, bird houses, robots and shoes, just to name a few. The machine has a limited color palette though, with only the options of printing in red, black, white and natural. 

The printer is now available for purchase through 3D Systems. It is priced at USD$1,199 and will be shipped in the second half of 2014. 

H/T: Design Taxi


Wake Up With The Nescafé Alarm Cap (video)

Does your coffee wake you up? Well, Nescafé is making sure it does with it's new, innovative, 3D printed alarm cap. It glows and plays seven different tones synchronized with light, which are scientifically proven to create a soft and natural awakening. To turn it off, you must twist the cap off which then emanates the unique aroma of the coffee. 

H/T: Design Milk


3D Print Everything You Need For A Trip (video)

Imagine luggage is just a code.....

Lost Luggage by Janne Kyttanen is a 3D printed Platform Bag that contains several items that would get you through the day.

The contents: : Le69 Handbag, 4 in 1 Dress, Mashup Shoes, St Tropez Cuff, Drivers, Fat Shades, Superkitch and Love Buster. Can you believe it’s printed in one operation? Incredible.


Lost Luggage was part of the exhibition  ‘Janne Kyttanen’ in Galerie VIVID in Rotterdam. 


TheLaserGirls: Ultra Cool 3D Printed Nails

This takes nail art to a whole new level! TheLaserGirls  print 3D nails that you can apply and adorn on your fingernails. They use acrylic, dyed nylon and even brass! Orders are placed by size. This is so cool! Be on the lookout during Fashion Week! 

Check out their Instagram for more pics. 



4D Printing, The Next Generation Of Amazing 

What is 4D printing?

"Instead of building static three-dimensional items from layers of plastics or metals, 4-D printing employs dynamic materials that continue to evolve in response to their environment."

This new wrinkle in the maker movement comes courtesy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Self-Assembly Lab, where director Skylar Tibbits and his team are experimenting with so-called “programmable materials.”

"Imagine robotics-like behavior without the reliance on complex electro-mechanical devices!"

The implementations of this technology is endless, from everyday objects to medicine, car manufacturing to safety equipment. This is the super-amazing future we have to look forward to thanks to the brains at MIT. 

source1 source2


3D Internet Helps Blind Children Search For Anything (video)

Yahoo! Japan Helps Blind Kids Search The Internet With 3D-Printing Machine

This is such an incredible way to integrate 3D printing and the Internet. This machine, called the Hands On Searchby Yahoo! Japan, allows blind children to say a word, the internet searches for the word and then prints out a 3D model allowing the blind child to touch it, feel every angle and get a sense of what things are physically. Watch it in action:

I hope this eventually becomes a part of every visually impaired school or at least accessible to blind people everywhere. Technology is amazing. Technology to help people with disabilities is even more amazing. 


3D Printing and Lego Obsession (video)

What happens when you can't afford a 3D printer and you love Lego's? You build your own 3D printer with Legos and call it the LEGObot 3D Printer. Matthew Krueger is an engineering student from Fort Wayne, IN. 

"Ever since I saw the first makerbot, I have been obsessed with 3D printing, but I am an engineering student so I don't have an extra $800-$2500, and have been doing my best to create one out of what I have on hand. I tried arduino with easy drivers, and parallel port, but neither one gave results, I always needed a tool or part that I couldn't get.  So I pulled out my old box of legos and started building."

He even tell you step ny step how to build your own on Instructables. Incredible! Hey kids! Do try this at home! It's genius!


Dreambox: 3D Printer Vending Machine (video)

3D printing is innovating before our eyes! Every week there seems to be some new 3D printer or doodler. Now you don't even have to own one, you can just use the Dreambox

They claim that it's easy to use, same day pickup, capable of satisfying unlimited number of end-users, you can print in ABS (engineering plastic), PLA (bioplastic), nylon, wood, metals, and more and that the cost is low. 

Hopefully this is coming to a location near us! I have a very long list of things I would print, from functional to fun to wacky and outright crazy.