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Trending: More Butterflies, Now In Luxury Fashion

In the past several months, we have posted about a global art collaboration using butterflies as well as an artist who uses butterflies in street art. Now we're seeing butterflies in luxury fashion. There is something to the butterfly effect, it seems to be spreading! 

Italian fashion brand Valentino is blending butterflies together to create a brand new camouflage.The “Camubutterfly” line is part of the pre-fall 2014 collection and features multi-colored butterflies printed on clothing, handbags and shoes.

 H/T: Luxury Daily 


Scribble: Any Color Anytime From One Pen 

The Scribble Pen is the world's first color picking pen. Developed by Scribble, this innovative pen can hold over 100,000 unique colors in its internal memory and can reproduce over 16 million unique colors. It's like a point and draw box of a million colored pens with a 16bit color sensor. Genius! 


A Scribble Stylus will also be released which connects with Scribble+ mobile app bringing all the captured colors via blue tooth to the users cell phone or tablet. 

And it's pretty affordable! The Scribble Ink is $149.95 and the Scribble Stylus is $79.95. They are about to launch a Kickstarter  and offer 20% off to early orders. Great gift for designers and doodlers.

H/T: Tuvie  


Gaze Activated Dresses (video)

Designed by Ying Gao, these dresses made of photoluminescent thread and eye tracking technology is activated by spectators' gaze. A photograph is said to be “spoiled” by blinking eyes – here however, the concept of presence and of disappearance are questioned, as the experience of chiaroscuro (clarity/obscurity) is achieved through an unfixed gaze.

(no)where(now)here : 2 gaze-activated dresses by ying gao from ying gao on Vimeo.


Scented Cocktails Inspired By Perfumes

That might not sound too appetizing as a libation...sipping Chanel No.5 doesn't sound so delicious. However,today, June 12th 2014, The Ritz-Carlton Berlin will officially open Fragrances, an all new mixology/olfactory experience where patrons use their sense of smell to select their drink of choice. After all, our senses do work together and ultimately effects the choices we make.


The drinks’ ingredients are placed in glass domes next to the perfumes to give customers a sense of what they’ll be consuming, a visual menu of sorts. Designed and implemented by mixologist slash perfume expert Henning Heissen, the menu has drinks such as Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo with Jasmine and Rose infused Tanqueray 10 or Zacapa spiked Oud Royal by Armani, Angelique Noire by Guerlain created with Jasmine, Angelica Root, Bergamot, Vanilla, Zacapa XO and Champagne.

Choose carefully carefully because the drink will 1) also smell like that perfume and 2) reflect that smell in its taste. And here's the kind of wacky part – each drink is served in a unique way, from glasses in buckets and birdhouses to those that resemble baby bottles.

H/T: Luxury Launches, PSFK


Trending: Butterfly Street Art

Butterflies seem to be the new medium for street artists. Several weeks ago we told you about Swarm The World, a global art collaboration by New York based artist Tasha Lewis. It seems like the butterfly trend is spreading. Berlin-based artist and illustrator Andreas Preis has created a project titled “The Butterfly Effect”. Each butterfly is hand crafted and inscribed with a positive or witty message. Right now, he has placed these butterflies throughout Berlin. 

He has also created a printed version that he hopes will help him spread "The Butterfly Effect" even greater. 

To see more about The Butterfly Effect or to see other work by Andreas, check out his Instagram, Behance, Facebook or website


Coca-Cola Gives "2nd Lives" In Asia (video)

Plastic waste is a huge problem in the world today, especially in Southeast Asian countries where plastic waste has been an ongoing problem. By upcycling plastic soda bottles, we can give a second life to what would otherwise be landfill junk.

 "2nd Lives" is a great initiative started by Coca-Cola but in reality is a second life for any plastic bottle.  The set of 16 screw on sprayers, marker tips, pencil sharpeners, pumps and other useful objects that can be attached to the top of any plastic soda bottle will be distributed for free starting in Vietnam then to the rest of Asia . It would be amazing to see this rolled out globally. 




Dip and Mold Your Own Fondue Slippers

Fondue Slippers are kind of exactly as they sound. These PVC shoes by Japanese designer Satsuki Ohata mold to feet like a second skin, using a process similar to dipping food in melted cheese.

The result is to give a user the feeling of walking around barefoot. 

It is currently in a prototype stage but the goal is to create a DIY self-dipping kit that would allow users to create their own shoes.

Since it's ultimately a rubber slipper, kind of like jelly shoes of the '80's, you can customize them easily with markers. 

Or wash them as needed.

And of course they will be available in a full array of colors. 

H/T: Dezeen


Parade: Dancing Shadow Sculptures (video)

Parade is an interactive art installation conceived by ceramacist Laurent Craste and digital agency Dpt. for theChromatic festival in Montreal.

It seems as simple as moving the light and suddenly the sculptures are animated to life. However, Dpt. explains further that the animated “shadows” are coming from a hidden projector which tracks the movements of the faux light source. 

Parade - Dancing Shadow Sculptures from Dpt. on Vimeo.

Ceramist by trade, Laurent Craste is an internationally renown visual artist. Dpt is a creative digital agency specializing in the design and production of immersive experiences.

H/T Colossal