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What Happens When Brands Swap Colors

Brazilian graphic designer Paula Rupolo has taken iconic logos and swapped them with other companies highlighting the importance of color in branding, marketing, and logo design. We know that color is the first thing that people see followed by shape then numbers and words. Because we are so used to seeing these logos, it's fascinating too see how this tricks our brains and in some cases it may take a second to re-visualize the original logo in its original color. 

H/T: Toxel, Original article: Printsome


Can Kellogg's Redefine Cereal As A Snack?

It seems that Kellogg is trying to capture the late night snacker as lights go out for the new limited edition package for 5 of their cereals as they say "Good. Night. Snack.". 

There was even a coupon to promote the new packaging which is intented to redefine cereal as a more than just a breakfast food. 

According to the Associated Press, sales for Kellogg’s U.S. breakfast division fell 5.5% in the first quarter, due to more and more Americans seeking healthier or more convenient alternatives like Greek yogurt, fast food breakfast sandwiches, or cereals made without genetically modified ingredients. The push of cereals as snacks or even yogurt toppings, Kellogg’s hopes, will help abate some of the company’s losses.

So next time you think late night snack, Kellogg's hopes you'll reach for Froot Loops or Mini-Wheats. 

H/T and pics by NOTCOT and FoodBeast


Does Chewing Gum Make You Look Cooler? (video)

This is a great controlled social experiment conducted with identical twins to see if chewing gum alters the perception people have on you. The results are surprising considering in most cases, there is a stigma to gum chompers. Smart way to advertise! 


The campaign won eight Lions in Cannes last week: two golds in Direct, a gold in Outdoor, a silver in Promo and bronzes in Film Craft, Film, PR and Media.


Nike's Defender Hand-Drawn Typeface Is Beautiful 

Illustrator, Alexis Marcou, has created this inspirational and detailed hand drawn font for Nike MLB called 'Defender'. Using pencil and ink, each letter has a nice balance of hard angles and monochromatic black and gray which produces a very a font that is masculine yet soft and gentle to the eye. This is a style very unique to the artist. You may recognize this style in other Nike work. He has worked on several projects for the company. 

H/T: Inspiration Hut


Nescafé's New Global Identity Is Strategically Smart And Aesthetically Clean

Nestlé’s instant coffee brand Nescafé is launching a new, unified look and feel across all its products worldwide.For the first time in the Nescafé’s 75-year history the same branding will be used across all 180 countries where it is sold.

The new look features a modernised brand icon, with a red accent, as well as the ‘hub’ – a stylised aerial view of a coffee mug. The branding also uses the new slogan ‘It all starts with a Nescafé’.

Nescafé says the new designs have been created ‘with new, younger consumers in mind’. You can also see that they have been sharing this new identity across all of their social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Vine.

Source: Design Week


Products We Love Right Now (summer edition)

Sometimes we come across a heap of unique things that go straight on to the wish list. One thing they have in common, great design! And you'll kind of notice a summer theme going on. Here's a brief roundup of some of the things we like right now. 

Vertty: It's beach season! And to keep our design aesthetic everywhere we go, we love these stylish beach towels. These oversized geometric shaped, bright color blocked towels redefine style and function. They are handmade using a lightweight fast drying fabric. Each one also has a waterproof pocket. $89.90

Fatboy: Whether you are at the beach or a want to sprawl out on the lawn for a picnic, we love this oversized, weather resistant picnic lounge. Inspired by classic kilims, this is bringing what is traditionally a style for the home outdoors. it also comes with a dust brush and four pins so your blanket doesn't fly away. $249.00

Zoobells:  You may have seen the rise in kettlebells at the gym. They are kind of all the rage in strength and core training, especially for swimsuit season. These Zoobells are made to inspire you to push yourself for a few more sets and to "swing on the wild side". The lion is 54lbs and $134.99.  The wolf is 35lbs and $109.99. 

Samsung Smart Bike: Just watch the video. Need we say more?

Samsung Smart Bike from Samsung Maestros Academy on Vimeo.

Liquid Image:  Time to hit the water and share those pics and video on Facebook and Instagram. The 324 & 325 Wide Angle Scuba Series is a dive mask that makes underwater photography hands free for safer swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Photograph or video friends, family or fish up to 130ft/40m deep. $299.99

Lotus Belle Tent: Glamping! It's so cool I would have it up all the time in the backyard. $1750 - $2250

Jag Table Grill: Summer wouldn't be complete without the ultimate BBQ. But you know how picky some eaters can be, so let each person grill their own. 

We could go on but I think these are a good start to get you inspired for summer.

P.S. summer officially start Sat June 21!  



Yves Behar's Vessyl Smart Cup Monitors Everything You Drink (video)

From smart-phones to smart-watches...we now have a smart cup. Yves Behar, designer, entrepreneur, and sustainability advocate, worked closely with Mark One as the lead designer to create the first smart cup, Vessyl. It knows what you pour into it and can break it down to how much sugar, caffeine and calories you are consuming. This is a great way to monitor your hydration for weight loss, overall health or just to know what you have put into your body at the end of the day. I'm sure many of us would be surprised how many calories we actually drink. Take a look at the cool design and technology. 

They are currently taking pre-orders for $99 and hoping to ship in early 2015. 


Colgate Creates Hot-Cold-Spicy-Fizzy Ice Cream For Sensitive Teeth

Welcome to Colgate's multi-sensory lab in partnership with Bompas & Parr, leaders in flavour based experience design, culinary research, architectural installations and contemporary food design. To introduce and prove the effectiveness of Colgate’s Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste in the UK, a group of foodies, editors and execs were given the task to create the most sensitivity inducing ice-cream possible.

They were given a variety of trigger ingredients to add to their concoction - hot chilli peppers, mint, berries, hot sauces, popping candy, xylitol, malic acid and a host of other sweeteners and acids. The result was turned into a campaign of several recipes for consumers to "take the challenge".

This was such a cool way to introduce Colgate’s Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste. To see more, check out NOTCOT where one of their writers got to experience this experiment first hand.