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PopSop: Social Vending

Social vending: creating experiences and dispensing connections

Vending machines have a long history dating back to 215BC. Greek mathematician Hero created the first vending machine dispensing holy water in exchange for a coin. Now fast forward to 1880 where the more modern style vending machine was created in London dispensing postcards. From there, it didn’t take long for vending machines to pop up in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

In 1888, the Thomas Adams Gum Company introduced vending machines in New York’s subway platforms dispensing Tutti-Fruiti gum. By the early 1900s, vending machines sold everything from stamps, cigars, candy, gumballs and postcards. In the 1920’s, vending machines began dispensing sodas into cups and cigarette machines came onto the scene. By the 1960’s canned soda machines came to market. Today you can get anything from a hot meal to the latest tech gadget, rent movies and even buy live fish or fresh eggs. You can also insert bills, pay with credit cards, or scan your phone for payment all with the push of a button. The vending revolution has forever changed the retail landscape bringing convenience and immediate gratification to every user. continue reading...

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PopSop: What Colors Do You Eat

What Colors Do You Eat?


White breads, white rice, white sugars are all out with the stigma that white is bad for your health. So what colors are in? Green has been a long-standing color of healthy eating, but now, more than ever; it is about eating a variety of foods that make up the color wheel. Packaged foods and beverages are taking notice and using this to their advantage when designing their packages.  

Americans are becoming more educated in reading nutrition labels and are more concerned about what ingredients are in their foods. There is a proven shift towards healthier eating and what we buy at grocery stores. Grocery shelves are filled with words like fresh, raw, organic, all natural, whole grain, gluten free, no corn syrup, low fat, fat-free, low calorie, etc. With a surge of new brands offering alternatives for healthier eating, the competition is growing and shelf space is becoming tighter. To win, brands must catch the consumers’ eyes visually through the branding and packaging, emotionally with a relevant brand story and most importantly, with a product that delivers on quality, taste, and price.

So how are brands capturing the consumer’s attention? Color. What colors really stand out in this new “healthier” market? continue reading

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PopSop: Toniq Trending: Semiotics through the Ages


PopSop: Toniq Trending, Age Groups


PopSop: Semiotics and the Meaning of Meaning