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Happi: Millennials Jumpstart To Preserve Their Youth

Millennials Jumpstart To Preserve Their Youth

It's one part perfection, two parts preservation, says Cheryl Swanson of Toniq.

By Cheryl Swanson, Toniq

As millennials are entering the 30's, they are jumpstarting the preservation of their physical youth with science, technology, nutrition, and even some odd procedures. Going under the knife or under a laser is becoming a part of the norm, a sort of new rights of passage into ageing gracefully or getting as close to perfect as possible. Nips, tucks, lifts, reshaping, smoothing, peeling, detoxing and cleansing are all part of the growing global trend for millennials. The average age that millennials begin to get procedures varies by country, but for the most part late teens and early twenties are key starting years.   There were over 14.7 million procedures performed by licensed plastic surgeons in 2011 globally according to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. What countries top the list? South Korea followed by Greece, Italy then the United States. So what are millennials around the world doing to themselves for “one part perfection and two parts preservation”?   

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Happi: Beauty Of The Sexes

Beauty of the Sexes

Cheryl Swanson looks at the fast-growing men's segment.

By Cheryl Swanson, Toniq LLC

Beauty and personal care has largely always focused on the female consumer. However, nearly 20 years ago, we began to see a shift – the metrosexual awakening. Men were gaining interest in personal care and looking for brands to cater specifically to them. Today, global beauty sales have reached $170 billion a year, with about $40 billion of that in the Americas.Global Industry Analystspredicts the global male grooming products industry will generate $33 billion in revenue by 2015. Euromonitor estimates that the men’s grooming category in the US will reach $5.8 billion by 2016. Today, the men’s global beauty and personal care industry continues to be one of the fastest growing. conitnue reading...

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Happi: Un-Brand Yourself!

Focus on the product rather than the cache of the brand name or logo, says Cheryl Swanson of Toniq.

By Cheryl Swanson

In a world saturated with brands and logos, the new chic is to lose the brand. Well, not literally. We have been seeing this for some time in luxury fashion, but now it’s happening to mass brands as well. The appeal is to focus on the product rather than the cache of the brand name or logo presence. It’s actually all part of a brand strategy that is gaining momentum.


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